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 K2 offers a full business management consultancy service.  We have one aim, to identify your requirements and to deliver a solution tailored specifically to you, to increase your profits and efficiency. 

We provide a complete solution from consultancy to training and support.  This encompasses the selection and implementation of business software, covering sales, production, distribution, service/project management, and finance.

 By working with K2 you will receive an objective and impartial service to undertake change management within your organisation.  We will manage the full lifecycle of your project using methodologies such as Prince II, leaving you free to continue the effective running of your company.  Customer service is key – we will work with your relevant personnel to ensure your needs are met to the highest standard.

We have 45 years experience across sectors including; manufacturing, distribution, telecoms, construction, and customer service and facilities management.  Our consultants have worked with clients from small though to blue chip companies 

K2 will provide this service to you our job is to make IT simple for you, leaving you free to on what you do best so you can concentrate on your business.

Choosing the correct software is critical for a successful project. A structured approach will help to protect your investment and promote a successful implementation. But before starting there are a few things to consider.


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 impmenting MRP or ERP systems 

 We can even pay you a quick visit with no obiligation or cost to outline exactly how we can help 

K2 is a registered Consultant with  

K2 is a registered consultant with the Manufacturing Advisory service to support growth in England’s SME manufacturing sector, and can provide up to 50% funding for consultancy projects to help increase your competitive edge.

MAS is able to consider funding projects that look at virtually any aspect of business from products and processes, MAS funding process is quick and simple this makes it more affordable for you to get projects moving and keep costs to a minimum MAS want to ensure a maximum return on the bottom line for manufacturers. You the manufacturer is in control and choose the consultant and the project that will help grow their business


The value of your IT should never be under-estimated

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